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Real, increasingly Open Source

Real Networks is expected to announce a new portion of its Helix project source code in the coming days.

According to some information released in the past few hours, the code will provide wider access to Helix Producer, which includes server software, software for encoding and decoding.

The release of the Producer source code, Real claims, will allow companies and individuals to write software for encoding and decoding according to the REalVideo 9 and RealAudio 8 standard.

The strategy declared by Real is to conquer, through the diffusion of its standard in Open Source form, new market shares in the field of pocket devices but also to curb the bleeding towards Windows Media Player and contrast Apple's choices embracing MPEG -4. A path that Real intends to take also by supporting opposing standards, both MPEG-4 and Windows Media Player.

In the context of the Streaming Media One conference in London, where Real has a substantial presence, a Nokia 3650 phone with RealOne capable of playing RealVideo, Windows Media and MPEG-4 has been demonstrated. The Nokia Series 60 operating system, based on Symbian 6.1, will be shipped integrated with RealOne in early 2003.