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New Apple commercial for iPad: the revolution has just begun

In the United States, Apple has launched a new commercial that summarizes the main iPad functions and features. The spot does not focus only on apps, as has been the case up to now for iPhone and touch, but rather aims to highlight the revolutionary scope of the new Apple tablet.

While several people of all ages are shown with iPad under their arm, during use, on the move and even at home, the background item lists the main features: reduced thickness, refined design, ease of transport, long autonomy . Among the qualities highlighted, we also mention the speed of operation and ease of use. Towards the end of the commercial the speaker declares that iPad is a magical product and that the revolution has just begun.

Among the apps shown in the video we mention Mail, the periodic table The Elements with each element visually shown with very accurate and 3D models, Maps, digital books with iBooks, navigation with Safari, functions for video playback, viewing photos and much more.

The new iPad commercial, as MacRumors notes, very closely recalls the commercial that Apple created about 20 years ago for the launch of Newton, the not too lucky first PDA in history. Both commercials begin with a question "What is iPad?" and "What is Newton?" with a voice in the background that illustrates its characteristics and functions. The choice of Apple is an implicit tribute to the progenitor of all PDAs and, if we want, also of the current snartphones.

The video history is found further down in this article.