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MacBook Pro 2016 users report Apple for the Flexgate issue

The problem of irregular lighting at the base of the screen in some MacBook Pro 2016 known for some time and has been renamed Flexgate: now in the USA a class action has been launched against Apple, a collective legal action that aims to obtain a free repair program for all users of MacBook Pro 16 affected by the Flexgate issue.

In the first MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Apple used short and thin flat cables which, with time and wear, to open and close the top panel of the notebook, wear out with visible effects on the display. At the bottom of the screen, the affected laptops show irregular lighting, with alternating darker areas and others that are much brighter and more illuminated, creating the so-called stage lighting effect.

According to USA repair experts iFixit, Apple's design choices for thinner notebooks forced them to use thinner but too short straps, so a $ 6 breakdown, the cost of replacing the strap, turns into a repair expensive of over 600 dollars in the USA. This is because the strap is an integral part of the display panel which must be completely replaced.

apple flexgateThe flat cables under the Touch Bar that connect the display to the dedicated controller on the logic board

Several years later, Apple has only partially recognized the Flexgate problem, activating a free repair program but only for the 2016 MacBook Pro 13. At the same time, starting from the laptops of 2018, the company seems to have solved the problem by using slightly longer flat cables, able to better withstand and resist wear.

It is not surprising that a US user of the MacBook Pro 15 2016 has now started a class action against Apple for the Flexgate problem for top-of-the-range laptops. The complainant claims that Apple has promoted a defective product without having carried out quality control, following illegal behavior that violates the laws that protect US consumers. Also according to the complaint, Apple intentionally concealed the cable problem in a malicious, deliberate and intended to defraud way.

The class action against Apple for the Flexgate problem asks the court that Apple is ordered to officially recognize the defect of the screen cable, which reimburses users the costs incurred for repairs and the losses incurred, the extension of the warranty repair to the MacBook Pro 15 2016 and the reimbursement of legal fees.

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