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Liberty Alliance: is almost made for Passport.

Liberty Alliance: almost surrendered to Passport. –

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2002 was the year of the evolution of Liberty Alliance and Passport (here are our latest reports: 1 and 2), listening to some of the founding members of the first, it seems that the end of the clash is already indelibly marked.Jonathan Schwartz of Sun ( which has joined the Liberty Alliance since its foundation, which has just released the specifications of version 1.1).) seems to raise the white flag: "there is no chance that our system can compete with theirs". Passport already dominates the Windows platform and soon you could have a dominance of the Microsoft service, part of the .NET project, even with a non-Microsoft client, such as Smartphones. Sun's vision not shared by the other Liberty Alliance partners: Novell's Justin Taylor has said: "we must not give anything to Microsoft, our system definitely more suited to enterprise needs, they have tried to enter this market but they know they are losers compared to or ?. In recent months, not a few leaks in Passport have been brought with emphasis to the honors of the news. of credit cards in the world, keep both collaborations alive, indeed they offer the Passport solution on the site while they are among the founding members of Liberty Alliance.

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