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IOS 9 jailbreak


A few days ago Apple has made available the Beta 1 of iOS 9 and many have already installed it on the net to want to try it in preview. Even if there are not many news since several months of development are still missing, hackers can also get a rough idea of ??how work around the protections to jailbreak on iOS 9.

Good news is coming for all fans of the jailbreak because if Apple tries to close all the doors, there are more and more hackers working to offer users the possibility to modify their Apple device as they see fit. In fact, with iOS 9 a new development team should debut to search for a flaw in the shortest time possible iOS 9 that allows to get the jailbreak.

The team Keen aka K33n it should debut on the scene of those programmers who want to jailbreak and who have already won prizes of around $ 40,000 in last year's Pwn2Own mobile contest for cracking Safari. So they are already very accustomed to the Apple world and that they could give support to the Pangu team, which in the meantime is developing the jailbreak for iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4.

Meanwhile, the untethered jailbreak of iOS 8.3 should be distributed in July and therefore the hackers could get to work on the new iOS 9 several months in advance of the final version with the team of Keen who is ready to make his strong contribution in the cause of the jailbreak of iOS 9 which therefore could come out well ahead of schedule.


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