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How to enable the beat percentage on Samsung Galaxy S20 | GUIDE

The range Samsung Galaxy S20 equipped in all models of large battery, which unfortunately does not offer an exciting life. If you want to properly monitor the remaining charge, here how to activate the battery percentage in the status bar of the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S20: How to activate the battery percentage in the status bar

By default, Samsung Galaxy S20 only shows an icon to indicate the amount of battery left before the need to put the smartphone on charge. If you want to see the percentage in this case, you will have to go to the battery summary, which will also show the usage statistics relating to each app.

Fortunately for, easily possible to enable the number of percentage of battery remaining in the status bar through a simple toggle.

Samsung Galaxy S20Samsung Galaxy S20Samsung Galaxy S20

Entering the settings menu of Samsung Galaxy S20, you will have many possibilities to customize the behavior of the device. In this case, just go to the sectionNotificationsonce there, touch the item Status bar, in the open menu you will find a simple switch located at the end of the list, which if activated will display the battery percentage in the relative icon of the smartphone interface.

Add a quick link to the battery summary

You can also access battery statistics faster, by downloading from the Play Store the Quick Settings app which will allow you to add a link to the battery statistics in the quick toggle curtain, of which the Samsung interface currently does not have one.

After downloading the app, touch the side menu from the bottom of the screen, selecting laterutilitiesand thereforeBattery.After enabling the toggle, pull down the curtain on the Samsung Galaxy S20, then touch the three points located at the top right then selectingOrder buttons and drag the battery icon in the desired position.

Once the link is added, you can immediately access the battery summary with a twist.

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