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Google Authenticator 5.1 will allow you to move codes between terminals

Google Authenticator will soon be updated (at least for Android devices) to version 5.1, which will finally include, among other things, the possibility of easily moving the authentication codes from a device in use to a new one.

Google Authenticator one of the most popular applications created for the purpose of generating the indispensable codes for double factor authentication procedures, i.e. all those procedures that require access to a specific service to access a specific service – for example your Facebook account – confidential credentials: this is usually the classic password and a secret code.

Several tools can be used to generate this secret code, one of which is Google Authenticator. Despite the importance of this application, Google has always been very weak in the release of updates. Just look at the update history of the iOS app, which has stopped at version 3.0.1 since September 2018.

Google Authenticator is updated to version 5.1: the codes can now be moved

Hence the numerous complaints of users (clearly visible in the reviews from the iOS app), increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of many options that should fall within the minimum union for an app of this kind. These include the possibility of quickly moving the various generators of authentication codes from one device to another, an event that is not uncommon in a world where smartphones often change a consolidated practice.

Until now, the transfer of codes between devices was only possible indirectly, relying on a special tool accessible via browser in the section dedicated to two-step verification for your Google profile. As highlighted by Android Police, with the release of Google Authenticator 5.1 it will finally be possible to move directly from device to device, selecting the code generators you want to move and then scanning a bar code generated on the old device.

Google Authenticator is updated to version 5.1: the codes can now be movedThis news at the moment seems to concern only the Android application, which over time has been updated more often than the iOS counterpart. It is not clear whether this feature will also be included on the Google Authenticator available on the App Store, although it is desirable that Google does not forget the users who have chosen an Apple device.

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