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Discounted Electronic Arts games and lots of free games on the App Store

New batch of iPhone applications discounted by Electronic Arts. After those already indicated yesterday (Tetris at 1.59 euros Scrabble at 1.59, The Sims 3 and The Simpson Arcade at 2.39) the protagonist of many successes on the Apple mobile platform relaunches and offers other discounted programs.

Two of the most interesting are Need For Speed ??Undercover (2.39 euros instead of 3.99), a game with a very realistic engines background and Fifa 10 (3.99 euros instead of 5.99) which includes 30 championships and almost 13 thousand players from all over the world. EA also offers Trivial Pursuit for ? 1.59 instead of ? 3.99, the digital edition of the popular board game.

Among the discounted applications we also point out the popular City Guide (0.79 euros instead of 1.59 euros), a guide to various cities, including Italian ones, made thanks to the contribution of users of the Internet site, the game Shanghai Mahjong (0.79 euros discounted compared to 2.99 euros of the original price).

There are also several titles that have been made available free of charge. We point out, in particular, the very original Aqua Forest Morning Dew, a puzzle game that allows us to manage the path of a drop of dew on various realistic scenarios, Castle Fantasy, a side scrolling game very accurate from the point of view of design and graphics , Creepy Cavern, where we have to guide dr. Archibald between various levels and enemies collecting bonuses, Paper Football 3D Signature Edition (where you play football using your fingers in a school class rebuilt in 3D), Buster Red (a classic vertical shooter but with very original graphics), Icopter TNG, Soccer Rules (also includes those of soccer and table football) iSurfer Browser (an alternative browser), Sniper Vs Sniper On Line, Kapselracer (an original game where you run with bottle caps on tracks in imaginative scenarios), Gyrotate and Battle Of Midway (a 3D naval battle)