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Corriere della Sera for iPad, OK newspaper, multimedia KO

Just one day after the launch of the version of Repubblica for iPad, the application of the main competitor arrives, namely Corriere della Sera. The launch of the program, indicated yesterday as imminent, occurred during the day and now available both on the American version and on the Italian version of the App Store alongside the application of the Gazzetta dello Sport.

From the inevitable confrontation with Repubblica, Corriere (and the sister application Gazzetta) for iPad emerges in some respects loser for others winning. The main strength in the relationship with Repubblica in speed; the pages load very quickly and also the passage from one to the other significantly faster than the head of the L?Espresso group. The merit of the particular way in which the application was engineered; those who use Corriere per iPad not forced to download the entire newspaper in PDF format but simply scroll through what should be (impossible to say for sure) pages in image format and this significantly reduces the load on data traffic and the CPU and increases the feeling of agility of the program. In addition to this, Corriere downloads, always very quickly, all the newspaper in the background once chosen the day that interests us and this allows us to consult it off line comfortably. You can scroll through the pages by flipping the screen or using two very comfortable and ergonomic "button arrows" in relation to the shape of the iPad and zoom in on the various items.

The program also has some disadvantages compared to Repubblica +; the main one an extreme simplification. In Corriere, as in the competitor, multimedia contents of any kind are missing, but there is also no possibility to choose different editions or inserts (options present in Repubblica +) or to see the site's news (opportunity offered by Repubblica +, albeit in a very spartan form using a sort of iPhone module). There is not even the possibility of selecting the single article to read the text only, as can be done with Repubblica instead.

The conclusions on the impressions of use of Corriere which must be reached are, therefore, the same that we have drawn for Repubblica +. We are faced with an experiment that denotes an undoubted attention to the iPad platform and as such an appreciable job. Difficult to get carried away by enthusiasm; Courier is in fact a simple reader of pages that are taken on weight from the paper edition and little (or nothing) else. Certainly very quick to browse and can surrogate some occasion (such as when abroad) the purchase of the newspaper but does not offer a real reason of interest for those in the range of action of a newsstand. it is hoped that, as in the case of the Republic, in the future RCS will improve and increase the functionality of Corriere in order to create a real multimedia information platform, which is more than possible even today, only by drawing on the resources offered on the online site by giving an incentive to buy from a wider audience than today and by reaching new readers and new market niches.

Corriere della Sera and Gazzetta dello Sport for iPad are free until mid-June; subsequently the various editions will be available with the in app purchase formula.

Thanks for the report to Fabio Bianchini