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Apple, towards a golden quarter?

Apple may post a more positive quarter than expected.

Signals in this sense come from many nervous "terminals" of the network that keep their eyes and ears open on what is on the market.

The hands of the indicators, this known, already point to the beautiful stable for the iPod. New distribution channels, the Windows version and a huge popularity in the media, are driving sales of the MP3 player. Profit margins and its cost, especially on hi-end versions, should provide a substantial upward push to the Cupertino company's balance sheet.

Christmas could also bring "pleasant" surprises as a gift to other consumer products, iBooks and iMacs.

In particular, many seem to be ready to bet on the performance of the all-in-one desktop machine when it comes to summing up the winners of the gift season. Fred Anderson himself had communicated in the course of the previous tax report that the 17-inch version was enjoying greater than expected success.

Confirmations on the good market response to the iMac now also come from the east. Quanta Computer, the Taiwanese company that takes care of the assembly of the machine, recently announced that the profits for the quarter will be higher than expected and the merit would be of the iMac LCD.

In Cupertino unexpected orders would have left in the weeks immediately preceding Christmas and above what Apple had planned.

If the item were confirmed, it would mean that the iMac will in turn provide a higher than expected contribution to the quarterly financial statements which will end at the end of December.