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Apple throws itself on Bluetooth?

Will all Macs have built-in Bluetooth connectivity from January? The indiscretion emerges from an article in The Inquirer, an online newspaper that often deals with indiscretions in the technological field.

The newspaper claims that the Cupertino company would have now decided to take a strategically aggressive path in the Bluetooth field. The evidence would come from rumors that spread during a standard developer conference held recently in San Jos. In that context, it would have been revealed that Apple could soon become the first computer company in the world to present a full line of machines natively compatible with Bluetooth.

The strategy would be announced during the Macworld Expo in January.

The hypothesis appears reliable, although it should be specified that in January all Apple machines will hardly be able to be renewed to include Bluetooth unless an Airport + Bluetooth card capable of being hosted on all machines currently on the market is marketed. and almost all those sold in the past 3 years.

It is more probable that, also in light of what Apple is doing in the field of connectivity with the world of mobile phones and 'pocket' peripherals, the conference could serve to announce an expansion of the Bluetooth strategy by presenting the intention to bring the standard in all the machines when they are renewed.

It would certainly be a good way to encourage developers to create products that will match Apple hardware, giving a boost also in the IT field, as well as in that of mobile phones, to Bluetooth which, as known, can also connect keyboards, GPS, headsets , routing to predisposed PDAs …