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Apple Music allows you to download music and listen to it offline


With Apple Music you can download music and listen to it offline. Audio quality: Apple Music: 256kbps. Download music from Apple Music to listen to it offline

Here are all the new details on Apple Music, music streaming from Apple

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Let's go back to talking aboutApple Music, the new streaming music service just presented by Apple to enter into direct competition with services such as Google Play Music, Spotify and similar.

Apple Music a service that users have been waiting for for a long time and that will allow them to stream almost all the songs on iTunes behind the payment of a monthly subscription of $ 10.

We have already seen the main ones in a dedicated article analogies and differences between Apple Music, Spotify and Google Music, but new ones are emerging today details on the features and characteristics of Apple Music.

Apple Music: download music and songs to listen to them offline

The first novelty related to Apple Music concerns the possibility of downloading music and songs to listen to them offline without internet connection. Until yesterday there was doubt about whether this functionality was implemented or not, but today the confirmation comes: with Apple Music it is possible to download the songs to listen to them offline and without internet connection. Very well!

Apple Music will also arrive on Android

Another novelty concerns the compatibility of Apple Music with Android. As we know, Apple Music will also be released for Android, if users who use the Google operating system and who intend to download Apple Music, will have toor necessarily use a paid subscription accountalso to take advantage of all the contents that are free for iOS users. A not very smart choice in my opinion, given that on Android there is already Spotify, Google Play Music and other alternative services that offer a free account as well as a paid one.

Apple Music will not go to cannibalize iTunes Match

Apple Music, as reported by Apple, will integrate iTunes Match services, but I won't cannibalize the old shoot. The modalities of migration from iTunes Match to Apple Music, but it will probably be enough to simply subscribe to the new subscription to continue using the iTunes Match service.

Apple Music and iTunes

Apple Music will allow add all our favorite music to our iTunes library: the non-renewal of the service should lead to an elimination of these songs from the library even if, at the moment, Apple has not fully clarified this point.

Apple Music will not include the entire iTunes catalog

Contrary to what many thought, Apple Music will not offer streaming of the entire iTunes library, but only a (large) part of it.Apple, however, has declared that its streaming service includes 30 million songs, the same number of Spotify, but at the moment we do not know which songs / artists will not be present in the service Apple music streaming.

Apple Music: songs played at 256kbps

Like the quality of songs and songs from Apple Music? One of the questions that quality music lovers are asking themselves what will be the playback quality of songs on Apple Music?. The answer comes directly from SlashGear:Apple Music will be at 256 kpbs. Just for comparison, Beats Music used a 320 kbps bitrate, just like Spotify. The quality of the songs in Apple Music is therefore the same as in iTunes Match, which plays music in AAC at 256 kpbs.This is therefore a lower bitrate than the competition average.The good thing, however, is that this choice will ensure smaller files to download for streaming and save data traffic in our internet browsing plan.

When does Apple Music arrive?

As anticipated in our previous articles, on June 30, 2015 Apple Music will also be available in Italy.

Are you ready for the arrival of Apple Music in Italy? Will you try this service or will you stick to Spotify, Google Play Music and similar services?

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