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Apple grants Copan $ 10 million to build Covid-19 tests

Apple has announced that it has awarded $ 10 million of its Advanced Manufacturing fund created in 2017 to Copan Diagnostics, one of the leading US companies specializing in the construction of kits and collection of samples that play a key role in COVID-19 tests in the States US.

The funding aims to allow Copan to rapidly accelerate the supply of these sample collection kits for hospitals in the US, expanding current production from several thousand to over one million kits per week as early as early July.

Apple assigns $ 10 million to COPAN Diagnostics

Apple says it will also support Copan's expansion into a new larger facility in Southern California, which will be built with advanced equipment that the Cupertino multinational is helping to design in partnership with Copan.

We feel a deep sense of responsibility in doing everything possible to help healthcare professionals, patients and communities support the global response to COVID-19.

These are the words Jeff Williams, Apple's chief operating officer, who adds Copan as one of the world's most innovative manufacturers of sample collection kits for COVID-19 tests.

Copan says he is excited to create a new partnership with Apple. The company's CEO admitted that collection and transportation kits are a fundamental component in the fight against COVID-19, and that the partnership with Apple is very well received, since the two teams aim at common objectives, such as innovation, quality and excellence in production and design. Apple's operational skills, COPAN summits explain, will help the team increase the supply of important pre-analytical tools for medical professionals across the country, at this particular critical moment.

Apple assigns $ 10 million to COPAN Diagnostics

Apple is purchasing equipment and materials for the project from companies in the United States, including equipment that Apple is helping to design with K2 Kinetics, which is based in York, Pennsylvania, and MWES in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Apple has donated several million dollars to respond to the emergency from COVID-19, including the Global Citizen and America's Food Fund. It has also designed and distributed nearly 10 million visors, provided over 30 million masks for healthcare professionals and developed a COVID-19 exposure notification API for use by public health authorities around the world.

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