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An iPod from Madonna!

An iPod from Madonna! –

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For now only Apple USA can provide this novelty that will make fans of the stars of the show go crazy with joy.The laser engraving so far offered as an option on the back of the iPod with two simple lines of text (mainly dedications) is transformed, on this "limited" occasion, and with the addition of 49 dollars on the original price of the six versions of the iPod (5, 10 and 20 GB for Mac and Win), in autograph of the vip on duty. For now three celebrities have been selected very popular among young people: the actress and pop singer Madonna, the musician Beck and the skateboarding champion Tony Hawk.Not excluding other additions in the coming days as completing the order on the AppleStore (which, among other things, surprisingly presents a promotional discount of $ 29.05 on each unit ordered, thus bringing the price before taxes to $ 418.95) the Beck model is numbered "IP00008", while that of Madonna "IP00009" and that of Tony Hawk "IP00010" .These models will remain on the market until January 8. UPDATE: compared to the three models presented yesterday December 10, now the iPod personalized with the No Doubt brand has been added, another very popular musical group, this numbered "IP00012" continuing with the 'order of the model, all we do is confirm the hypothesis that the VIPs who join the initiative may soon multiply. When does an iPod Steve Jobs format start?

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