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All the news of Android 11

The pre-release preview version designed for developers reveals a good number of features of the next Google operating system

android 11(Photo: Google)

There developer preview 3 ie the third preliminary version for Android 11 developers, the mobile operating system that Google will unveil shortly for millions and millions of smartphones worldwide, official. As always, a good number of advances can be drawn from this release which in fact includes many features that will then be implemented in the final version of the OS of the green robot. Which ones are they the most significant news?

The third developer preview currently available to be downloaded on home smartphones, the Pixels and of course is dedicated to a specialized audience, since it cannot be complete and stable as an official update. Among those who immediately scanned the dp3 there is the reliable Xda-Developers forum which isolated the functions to be kept in good consideration.

Below the video showing how Android 11 can guarantee the wireless reverse charging going to rest other devices such as a smartwatch or earphones on the back of the smartphone. The official name will be battery share or battery sharing and will function as already seen on some recent Samsung models.

Compared to dp2 and dp1, the resizing of the picture-in-picture window remains, i.e. a superimposition of an activity such as playing a video, which becomes adjustable in size and also draggable. The possibility of is very convenient cancel the closure of an application from the multitasking menu as well as moving the notifications of active apps in the background to a section that makes the appropriate area cleaner and minimalist.

To further protect the privacy of the user there is the possibility of automatically revoke authorizations for applications that have not been used for a long time with the most important ones like calls, access to contacts, camera and microphone. Two new buttons appear in the menu of recent applications, one for screens and the other for sharing them.

Finally, the function for connect the smartphone to a pc via wi-fi module more easily with just typing a code. In the future it looks like you will be able to switch from a qr code.

All that remains is to wait for the release of the final version of Android 11 which should debut before summer, without a physical event, given the Covid-19 coronavirus emergency. Maybe together with the new Pixel 4a and 4a Xl.


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