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Active Releases MyBusiness 6.0

Active announces the release of version 6.0 of MyBusiness, the popular program for the management of small and medium-sized commercial activities.

MyBusiness 6.0 now available in versions for Mac OS X and Windows XP, as well as continuing to run on previous versions of both Mac and Win operating systems.

In this version more than 50 improvements have been made in order to facilitate the use of the program even more. Functions have been introduced that allow you to better manage your customers, for example with a history of contacts for each customer.

Now you can manage multiple price lists, which can be associated with customers. When loading the warehouse, both the cost and the selling price of the products can be updated. Statistics are managed through a new menu, Statistics which is found in the various tables / modules.

The success of MyBusiness due to the continuous contact with its users who often provide valuable suggestions that are implemented in the new versions

With MyBusiness 6.0 Active it is aimed at all those companies that do not need to manage double-entry accounting. Options are available that allow data to be exported for management by an external accountant.

MyBusiness used by many traders, artisans, printers and not only by them.

Active produces management programs for various needs. From Personal Business for accounting and family activities, to Invoice! for professionals and those who generally provide services, at the Fashion Store for fashion stores, at Wine Business for the wine producing cellars. All programs are available in the demo version from this page of the Active Software website