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With iOS 9 comes the split-screen multitasking for iPad


iOS 9 introduces the split-screen multitasking on iPad Air 2. With iOS 9 it will be possible to use two programs simultaneously on iPad

Split-screen multitasking finally arrives on iPad with iOS 9: here are the details

iOS 9

Yesterday evening Apple officially unveiled iOS 9, the new operating system for iPhone, iPod and iPad. This new OS introduces a lot of news, which we talked about in dedicated articles.

But, among the many novelties, one in particular to do the joy of Apple users and make Android users burn a lot (I'm in particular burning a lot). Let's see what it is.

We have waited for him for years. We have been hoping for a long time that Apple would officially introduce it on its smartphones and tablets, and finally we are there. With iOS 9 comes the split-screen multitasking for iPad: this means that we can take advantage of the large screen of the Apple tablet for use and start two programs simultaneously in side-by-side windows.

Some time ago some independent developers were able to introduce the split-screen multitasking function on iPhone and iPad with Jailbreak, but it was an unofficial function. With iOS 9, however, Apple will officially support this function long awaited by users.

As anticipated, the expected multitasking feature allows two side-by-side apps with iPad to run on the screen.

The functioning of this new multitasking extremely simple and immediate: by double clicking on the Home button we will see a new App SwitchingBy simply dragging the finger from the outside to the inside, we can recall a smaller section inside which to open other applications. use the two applications simultaneously and adjust the size of each window arbitrarily. If we want to switch to a full screen app, we just have to drag it to the opposite margin.

Slideover for the multi-app it will only be available on the iPad. The function Split View multitasking will only be supported by iPad Air 2.

Along with it is also introduced a new switcher which allows you to select the second app and drag it alongside the first, similarly to what happens with some devices Android.

In addition to this very useful function, multitasking has also been improved on the iPad: users will also be able to watch a thumbnail video by moving it on the display, all during the execution of another app. This is a function very similar to the one we have on Android tablets, which finally also lands on Apple devices to the delight of users.

Called "Slide Over", this function will be fully supported only by iPad Air 2, while the display of a second app in reduced mode will also be supported by iPad Air and mini 3.

To allow the use of Slide Over, new APIs will obviously be released to developers.

Okay, I admit that the function p limited and does not work 100% as i would like, but something is moving in the correct direction. Now we await the reply of Android: Google is also working to bring multitasking on their smartphones and tablets, but the work is still behind the developments obtained by Apple.By the end of 2015, however, both iOS and Android will have the opportunity to manage two (or pi) programs open simultaneously with windows side by side.

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