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The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are played with Sonic, available on Android and iOS

The Tokyo Olympics they are among the major sporting events postponed because of the coronavirus – we remember, among others, EURO 2020 and all Motorsport such as F1 and MotoGP. So if this year we won't be able to see them even on TV, the world of video games offers us an alternative.

SEGA has just released a new chapter of Sonic – 30 years and not to hear them – set just to Japanese Olympic Games: the famous blue hedgehog will have to deal with his longtime rival, the Dr. Eggman, in a series of sports competitions. The game is made up of fifteen Olympic disciplines, events to overcome and medals to win, all in the company of Sonic and his friends.

  • Join Sonic and his friends as they explore Tokyo!
     Dr. Eggman has taken control of Tokyo and now it's up to Sonic and his friends to save the city and the Olympic Games!
     Compete in Olympic events, win medals and challenge bosses as you explore Tokyo with Sonic and his friends
  • Compete in the Olympic events: everyone can have fun!
     Touch and swipe to win the victory!
     Lots of events to choose from, including the new ones from Tokyo 2020!
     Choose between Olympic events and Extra (EX) special events with new and exciting gameplay. Be quick! Aim for gold!
  • Test yourself and challenge the rest of the world!
     Take on friends and players from all over the world! Prove you have what it takes: reach the top of the ranking and win the gold medal!
  • 15 Olympic events to have fun with!
     100 m, 400 m hurdles, Javelin throw, Archery, Karate, Dive, Shooting, Sport climbing, Fencing, Springboard, Hammer throw, Table tennis, Long jump, BMX and Badminton.

The gameplay is strongly focused on sports competitions, and there are many mini-games and online challenges with global rankings divided by country.

Sonic to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is available for free on Android and iOS, but for unlock the whole game you need to make a in-app purchase worth ? 10.99.