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The app to copy and paste real objects

Ar Cutpaste an augmented reality experimental software that can truly open up a new horizon of potential

Ar CutPaste(Photo: Cyril Diagne)

Two of the greatest revolutions of past and new generation technology that come together in a very interesting project called Ar CutPaste. The protagonist is an experimental application that allows you to perform copy and paste operations through augmented reality, with a range of potentialities to be discovered.

Behind the creation of Ar Cutpaste is the developer Cyril Diagne, who made the tool available by uploading resources to Github. Basically, the software allows you to extrapolate objects by taking a photo like going to cut them from the real world, digitizing them instantly and also being able to paste on another connected device. Here is the video that shows how the application works.

The footage quickly went viral with over 4 million views at the time of this writing. You can see how a potted plant is framed with the camera and how this is is cut out precisely once you take a photo. Subsequently, the object comes as pasted in real time on a text document open on a laptop resting on the table.

It is thus shown not only how the copy and paste is immediate and with few imperfections, but also theinteroperability between two devices probably connected by the same user. The video continues showing then the extrapolation and sending of other elements such as a book and a dress.

The technology has the advantage of being immediate and very simple to use and could really be very useful as an application in its own right for smartphones. But it could also act as companion for creatives and artists of photo editing, to move elements from one device to another more easily and on the fly.

It goes without saying that it seems clear that with a neutral and not complex background an object will be digitally obtained in a simpler way, but in any case a very interesting starting point and there is a bet that soon definitive solutions could be seen on the Android and iOS stores. It would also be a nice tribute to the inventor of the copy and paste, Larry Tesler, who died this year.


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