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Repubblica comes first on iPad, but more can be done

The first Italian newspaper to land on iPad Repubblica. The head of the L'Espresso group released, in fact, tonight its application designed specifically for the Cupertino device, winning the record in a sector where many others (Corriere della Sera first) are working.

To premise we immediately say that Repubblica + (where the + is, in fact, for an iPad application) in fact a PDF reader that downloads from the Repubblica website the entire daily edition of the newspaper (it is also possible to have other regional editions and inserts For this reason, the initial loading speed, firstly, depends on the Internet connection available, secondly, the amount of data transferred is always consistent and as such it is not advisable to use Repubblica + when not connected to a network. Wifi.

Having said that, it must be said that the application has all the strengths and weaknesses of a PDF reader. Loyalty with respect to the maximum paper edition but minimal interactivity, indeed nothing, at least in the current state of affairs. Repubblica promises in the instructions for use of the program multimedia content that should be "applied" over the articles in PDF, but will probably arrive in future versions of the program. In addition to this, the loading of single pages cannot be said to be very fast even when these have been downloaded locally.

In any case, once the edition that interests us is obtained (it is also possible to draw from the archive) this is kept in memory making its use more immediate. The consultation can take place by placing iPad horizontally (thus seeing two pages side by side) or vertically (single page view); leafing through the pages and reading with enlargement takes place with the usual methods of Apple's touch screens. The only peculiarity is the single touch on an article which generates the opening of a window with the content of the same.

At the bottom the control console has three buttons: R + (which brings the home screen) "content" and "real time"

Contained the button that presents the index of the edition that we are consulting. The loading also in this case cannot be said to be certain short since the miniatures of all the pages are collected and presented and to make this iPad takes a certain amount of time.

The "real time" button (in English …) provides access to the online edition formatted for iPhone which is loaded into a window. Practical and quick for a consultation of the site's news, but certainly not exciting in relation to the support since here there is not even a shadow of interactivity

Ultimately the basic concept on which Repubblica + was developed, therefore different from the one around which similar solutions have been built that we have seen appear in the USA where publishers have created ad hoc applications designed to take advantage of the particularities of the tablet right from the start Apple. The general impression that in Repubblica they favored the desire to arrive first at the finish line on the iPad rather than the desire to create something really designed for the platform. Repubblica + can thus be considered a commendable preview to be appreciated and experimented, both because we are at the beginning of the iPad adventure and because it is free. In the future for, with the arrival of competitors and with the institution of the purchase "in app" of PDF, the risk for Repubblica to see readers remain anchored to the edition on the Web that for free, provides multimedia content in abundance and very faster to consult. Of course it does not have the whole edition on newsstands which, however, does not cost more, no less functional and often even faster to have than the one for iPad.

Repubblica + free download from here