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RAM? Better not to buy it from PC manufacturers.

RAM? Better not to buy it from PC manufacturers. –

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It is a consolidated market rule: the more RAM memories are designed especially for a specific system, the more they move away from common standards, the more the purchase price rises, but you have the possibility of finding an alternative dealer, this has increasingly more prices. convenient than those of the house builds the PC. It happens that servers such as those of IBM, Compaq and Sun must be equipped with special RAM … and expensive. One of the major brands of RAM cards, Kingston, certainly not selflessly but with the numbers in hand, how much is the price difference between their compatible memories and those sold directly by the manufacturer of these sophisticated computers.

A RAM for Sun's servers can cost up to 330% more (8,893 euros instead of 2,067), but Compaq doesn't mess with a 250% reload (8,885 euros instead of 2,537), more than IBM that requires a higher price to that of Kingston's list of "only" 140% (6,077 euro instead of 2,537). Ironically Kingston titled his comparison page "How much are you willing to pay more just for a different label?", In fact the computer manufacturers in the vast majority of cases do not build RAM but rely on external manufacturers, certified to do so with all the trappings of the case, such as Kingston itself (certainly not the cheapest brand for RAM, but with excellent guarantee).

Fortunately for Apple computers in recent times, memories based on established standards are used and users, in addition to taking advantage of some temporary offers (such as the one that has now ceased to double the RAM in Italy) can buy additional memories from other suppliers online and in traditional stores to check the best price given by the effective competition on the market.

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