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Pioneer: 3D digital living room and Blu-ray are controlled from iPhone

The integration of iPhone and touch with the digital living room takes on a whole new meaning thanks to the latest generation of Pioneer devices. In addition to playing music and videos directly from the iPhone and touch, Pioneer offers the free iControlAV app that transforms the Apple's multi-touch paperbacks into advanced remote controls to control all the functions of the home teather system.

pioneer VSX-1020

Among the most interesting devices of Pioneer we remember the VSX-1020 model which integrates technologies capable of significantly improving the audio and video quality regardless of the source used. So for example it is possible to connect an iPhone and play audio on a Dolby 7.1 or 5.1 system, VSX-1020 also integrates technologies to improve compressed audio, while on the TV we reproduce the videos stored in the smartphone treated with 1080p upscaling. The list of functions and connections offered by the new Pioneer VSX-1020 that can keep a home teather enthusiast busy for several minutes, here we just remember that it is a multi-channel receiver ready to manage the most complete 7.1 audio systems and equipped with HDMI 1.4 to manage videos even 3D. Here we limit ourselves to examining the operation in combination with the iPhone and touch used not as an audio / video source but as the latest generation super remote controls.

pioneer VSX-1020

To control the digital living room of Pioneer you need to download the free iControlAV app already available on the App Store. The main screen offers 4 distinct sections: Control, Accuracy, Emphasis and Balance. With the first, we have just a tap of the basic functions such as turning on, off, the controls to move forward and backward in the playback of the BD player, volume adjustment and so on.

In the precision section it is possible to improve the reproduction quality by intervening on the main parameters: in this section there are also demonstration video clips that explain the characteristics and functions of the Pioneer device. Finally, with the controls of the Emphasis and Balancing sections, we can adjust our system using the iPhone and touch accelerometer. So simply by tilting the pocket can adjust the volume of the speakers independently of the subwoofer.

iControlAV Pioneer

iControlAV PioneeriControlAV PioneeriControlAV Pioneer

Together with the VSX-1020 multi-channel audio and video receiver, Pioneer also presented the smaller VSX-920 and higher-end VSX-2020 models, all equipped with HDMI 1.4 to play 3D videos on TVs enabled and all controllable from iPhone and touch thanks to the iControlAV app. Euro prices for Italy have not yet been announced.