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Pharmacology: pocket medicine manual for iPhone and Touch

Pharmacology: pocket medicine manual for iPhone and Touch –

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Developed by the goWare group, Pharmacology is a truly indispensable iPhone and iPod Touch application, both for students and patients, for pharmacists or medicine enthusiasts. As you might guess from the name, it is an in-depth guide of all clinical drugs, useful for knowing all the detailed information on the composition of a drug, or simply to understand well which medicine is most suitable for certain symptoms. Pharmacology therefore a very useful tool at any level you decide to use it.

The application was born as a pocket and digital alternative to the Manual of Clinical Pharmacology published by CG Edizioni Medico Scientifiche of Turin. It is a little accessible book, both for the more than 3000 pages of which it is composed, and for the price not within everyone's reach (190 ?). Pharmacology draws its contents from this mammoth work, but enriches it with an integrated search engine that allows you to navigate between pages in an extremely easy way, while a subdivision into monographs allows an even faster search. The application, weighing 120MB, is finally offered at a much more accessible price than the paper counterpart: in fact available on the App Store for ? 29.99.

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