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No Dragon's Lair for Mac?

Fans, no longer young, of old coin ups will surely remember Dragon's Lair. The bar game was one of the first practical uses of laser video in a playful entertainment machine and one of the very first titles to mix an interesting plot, humor and excellent graphic quality.

Based on that success and in light of the technological innovations that have passed for 20 years now, Dragon?s Lair has recently revised the light for PC. Instead of the old cartoon system (which required waiting a few seconds between one scene and another and one action and another), the new Dragon's Lair presents 3D screens (hence the name "Dragon's Lair 3D) which also thanks to the power of the new graphics hardware guarantee excellent "visual" quality.

Mac users, however, despite what Ubisoft has said in the past, may never see the nostalgic re-release of a historical title on their desktops. According to reports from some American sites, in fact, the Mac version would have been canceled and Ubisoft would have completed its task with the release of the PC version.

At the moment the hope of seeing Dragon's Lair for Mac linked to the decision by some reality operating in the Mac world to resume work where it was left by Ubisoft itself. The chances of this happening are not currently quantifiable, but in the past Ubisoft itself has already given up the hand for the distribution and publication of Mac titles in the middle of the work. For example, it happened with RealMyst, now marketed by MacPlay but started right from Ubisoft.

The hope that the same could also happen for Dragon's Lair.