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NAS system from Iomega

Iomega today also announced in Italy the new Iomega NAS P415 which, with a Network Attached Storage (NAS) capacity of 720GB, is added to the Iomega family of NAS solutions.

?The new P415 NAS – says Iomega – designed to meet the growing storage needs of companies and workgroups of all sizes, simple to install and capable of supporting multiple networks and protocols without interruption.

"Whether you consider small offices or enterprise workgroups, one of the biggest challenges in today's IT industry is to manage and effectively save a number of digital data destined to grow exponentially," said Ulrike Tegtmeier, VP and Managing Director of Iomega Europe. ?Iomega not only designs NAS solutions designed to be flexible and simple to use, but also thinks about offering affordable products to organize and protect critical data with an eye to the smallest realities. The new NAS P415 models offer top-notch features at a very affordable price. "

The new P415 NAS includes Iomega Automatic Backup software, a data protection program that automates the backup of selected data. On the hardware side, it includes a 1 GHz Intel PentiumIII processor; hot-swappable hard drives 180 GB ATA; RAID 0, 1 or 5; dual 10/100 Ethernet ports. Iomega P415m NAS servers offer SCSI or Gigabit Ethernet configuration.

The Iomega NAS P415 device with Gigabit support? available to users at the price (VAT included) of 7,990 euros; Iomega NAS P415m with U-SCSI 160 support available at the recommended retail price of 8,990 euros. All products are available from early November.