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Mouse or pen? A new pointing device from Sweden.

Mouse or pen? A new pointing device from Sweden. –

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Tendonitis never again! A new device called "UllmanMouse", announced since last spring, will arrive on all markets in days, the outward appearance of the pen comfortably nestled in the inkwell of distant memory, but it is a mouse (measures: 17 cm the " pen ", 4,6 x 6,2 cm the base; it weighs 65 grams). According to the inventor, the Swedish doctor Johan Ullman, the man was forced to use the mouse for over twenty years (implemented on a large scale by Apple, after the experimental applications of Xerox), an object that is not particularly friendly for use, that is, which would be contrary to the human structure, in the most extreme cases, the cause of permanent damage to the joints. would make compatible for Mac as well as for various types of Win, the optical technology object can be handled equally by left-handers, there is no discrimination, with a precision of use (800 points per inch with mo vines up to 35 cm per second) not known so far. November 2002 now passed and it is legitimate to wait for the UllmanMouse in days, given that the manufacturer's website gave this time line. More info in the special PDF (108 KB).

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