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Maya 4.5 Personal Learning Edition is coming

Alias ??| Wavefront today announced the availability, starting from the next few days, of the expected Maya 4.5 Personal Learning Edition, the non-commercial and free version of the prestigious software for digital animation.

Maya 4.5 Personal Learning Edition, aimed at introducing users to the world of rendering and digital animation, includes all the new features present in the Maya Complete 4.5 software so that you can experience all the potential of the software. The new modeling tools, Subdivision surface, integrated Paint 3D, as well as numerous improvements in terms of user interface and workflows are just some of the features that users of Maya Personal Learning Edition will be able to experience for free.

Compared to the previous edition, downloaded by more than 250,000 users, in Maya 4.5 Personal Learning Edition the watermark on the images is no longer visible when working in wire frame mode so that users can focus on developing their modeling skills. Furthermore, with this new release, it is possible to import different types of data, including files belonging to the commercial version of Maya. This option gives users access to Alias ??| Wavefront's many learning tools, as well as Maya's books and immense virtual community on the Web.

Alias ??| Wavefront also introduced Maya Learning Tool | Beginner's Guide (TM), a guide that includes a one-hour DVD, an introductory booklet to Maya and a multi-language version of the Maya Personal Learning Edition CD (English, French, German, Japanese and Korean).

"Having a non-commercial version of Maya for practice has allowed us to understand how this professional 3D tool can optimize our multimedia animation and design projects," says Nick Hower, partner at Kitchen Sink Studios. ?We have always considered Maya as a tool for film studios but, thanks to the drop in prices and the possibility of practicing for free with Maya Personal Learning Edition, we decided to buy Maya Complete. Today we create unrivaled 3D presentations for all our customers. "

Copies of the Maya 4.5 Personal Learning Edition CDs will initially be available for free at 3December events to be held on 3 December 2002 in various cities around the world (although not in Italy)

As of December 4, 2002, Maya 4.5 Personal Learning Edition will be included in the Learning Maya | guide Beginner's Guide, available at Alias ??| Wavefront online store for $ 19.95

From January it will be possible to download Maya 4.5 Personal Learning Edition for free at this address