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MAC problems on Mac?

MAC problems on Mac? –

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An Apple kBase realizes the problem (unlike some Italian ISPs operating in fiber optics which in the past few months have refused to solve similar problems … direct experience, ed) and the discussion starts. As known, fiber optic connections, or those most popular xDSL, they come to the Mac via the Ethernet input, each of these cards (standard equipment since time immemorial on Apple computers, while the technical supports of the various ISPs are still surprised) equipped with an individual numeric code called MAC, it printed on the back of the various peripherals, but also readable via System Profiler. The same applies to the AirPort bases. It happens that the always-on connection suddenly stops working in your Mac and, sometimes, the reset (soft or hard) of the computer / AirPort base (the only solution suggested directly by Apple), sometimes of the ISP central routers, they are able to restore normal functionality, in severe cases you have to wait a while unspecified eriode of disconnection and in the more reluctant ones the only solution is the replacement of the network card (not possible, especially for the costs, in the very popular Apple laptops) or the movement to wireless, even if not necessary, of an AirPort base, for get out of the unpleasant and expensive impasse. Some think that the problem is called "MAC cloning" and others that only the Airport bases suffer from the impossibility of connection, for our part we can assure, given that part of the editorial staff has suffered the consequences a few months ago, with Apple laptops, that the problem exists at least as ignored by the ISPs of our country.If you have similar experiences and have solved them, we invite you to let us know through the pages of our Forum.

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