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Linkedin has a new function for job interviews

The popular professional social network adjusts to the coronavirus emergency period

linkedin video presentation(Photo: Linkedin)

LinkedIn inaugurates a function designed to facilitate the preliminary procedures of looking for potential candidates for a job and is aimed at human resources managers and personnel. Yet another demonstration of how technologies and software solutions can be very useful in this historical period monopolized by the Covid-19 coronavirus emergency.

The largest professional online network in the world therefore presented the function called "video presentation" which already from the name suggests the philosophy behind it. Protagonist of a necessary preliminary test phase at a global level, it allows recruiters to test the results communication skills and transversal skillsso-called soft skills – of a candidate before the actual interview. How does this system work?

After posting a job posting and after a first skim, recruiters can invite whoever was selected as the most qualified (on paper) to answer a maximum of two questions fishing from options like "Tell me about yourself?", "What's your biggest strength?" or again "Describe your most demanding project".

Candidates will be able to respond with a video, which seems to be the most effective choice especially for certain potential job positions, or even in writing. According to LinkedIn's Global Talent Trends research, 92% of human resources professionals believe they are soft skills are equally or more important than hard skills in the selection process. However, they are more difficult to evaluate, while with this video solution you could count on one more tool.

According to the UN, half of the workers around the world risk their place in this delicate period that is giving an incredible propulsion to the telelevoro with rapidly growing segments such as the call center and remote assistance.


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