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iBomber 2: World War II bomber returns to iPhone and touch

iBomber 2: the bomber of the Second World War returns to iPhone and touch –

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As in the

original first title, in iBomber 2 the screen of our iPhone, touch or even iPad is transformed into a special window in which we see the ground, vehicles and buildings scroll down as the bomber proceeds in its flight. Much of what we fly over with our WWII bomber must be destroyed. With the accelerometer we control the direction of the flight, while with the tuch screen we activate the release button of the bombs.

In iBomber 2 we have to face 12 missions in the skies of Europe and also of North Africa: in addition to razing enemy bases and constructions, we must also learn to target tanks, anti-aircraft emplacements and even the missiles that will be launched from time to time versus. But not only: in addition to traditional bombs we also have torpedoes and depth bombs available to accommodate enemy ships and submarines.

iBomber 2 proposed on the App Store for 2.39 euros.

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Special offers

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