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IBM, a microscopic transistor for the chips of the future

During the day today IBM will publicly present a new and innovative transistor that will allow to produce much more powerful processors than those currently possible.

IBM's transistor, an essential component of the chips that are used in computer science and electronics, stands out for its level of miniaturization, just 6 nanometers, a thousandth of the diameter of the human hair.

Thanks to its size on the chips of the future it will be possible to cram a greater number of transients, increasing the computing power of semiconductors.

The main advantage of the new chip which is identical in functionality to the current ones, only 10 times smaller. This means that for the next few years it will remain possible to use current technologies for the production of processors without being forced, as imagined until some time ago, to use different systems with greater investments in research and development.

At the moment it is not known when IBM will actually be able to integrate the new transistor into its production cycle. The difficulties to overcome for its practical use are in fact still numerous, from the production of heat to interferences.