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How to activate the dark theme on Samsung Galaxy S20 | GUIDE

The dark theme now a widespread mode in recent smartphones that allows you to relieve eye fatigue, while saving battery thanks to the reduction in consumption on AMOLED screens. What time do you own the new Samsung Galaxy S20, here's how to activate it.

Samsung Galaxy S20: how to activate the dark theme

To enable dark theme mode on your Samsung Galaxy S20, you have to do it as follows:

  • Open the settings of your smartphone;
  • Then tap the itemDisplay;
  • Touch the toggle to activate the mode dark theme, in the central part of the screen, from here you can manually switch between one theme and another.

Samsung Galaxy S20 PlusSamsung Galaxy S20 Plus Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

  • By touching the buttonDark theme settings, you will also be able to apply the mode to the background or set a schedule with which to automatically activate the mode, also choosing to regulate its activation with sunrise or sunset.

You can also enable dark theme mode by simply accessing the men of quick toggles, pulling down the notification curtain. You will find the button together with the toggles for activating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flashlight and more. The dark mode switch has a sickle-shaped moon iconby touching it you can instantly switch the theme between light and dark.

The dark themed mode will also come enabled automatically if the battery saving mode.

Samsung Galaxy S20 runs Android 10, which implements one system dark theme mode, able to apply the dark mode not only to the Android interface, but even to compatible apps.

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