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H-Farm is looking for iPad / iPhone developers and social media savvy writers

H-Farm is a campus that currently hosts over 200 people: it is a real incubator where not only projects are created but start-ups and new companies in the technology sector. H-Farm an Italian initiative that has already given life to various projects and realities, in some cases sold or participated by important industrial partners.

Among the many ongoing initiatives we mention the upcoming Startup Weekend which will be hosted at the H-Farm campus, in the elegant structures of the Ca'Tron estate, Venice, on 15 and 16 May. The focus will be dedicated to real-time-web to invite young people to exhibit and participate in contests and events on a regular basis in order to identify and develop new applications for iPad / Phone.

For this purpose H-Farm looking for new figures to strengthen the division for the production of iApps, through the recruitment of new developers on the Apple mobile platform, as well as to enhance the communication aspect on social media through the recruitment of dedicated figures . H-Farm offers a unique and intriguing work environment with professional and human growth prospects, the figures sought are: iPad / iPhone developers and writers / bloggers with hi-tech backgrounds and excellent knowledge of social media.

Interested people can send resumes to [Email protected]. Further information is available on the official website.