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Green light to the App that will measure the electromagnetic radiation of the iPhone?

Green light to the App that will measure the electromagnetic radiation of the iPhone? –

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Made by the Israeli startup Tawkon, Electrosmog Measuring App an interesting tool that allows you to measure the rate of radiation emitted by your iPhone. The application, however, was not approved by Apple last March for fear that it would create confusion and misunderstandings between the owners of the device. The failure to publish on the App Store has sparked protests from numerous users, as well as a concern on the part of someone that Apple may be hiding something, so to calm the hearts and show that there is nothing to worry about, the Cupertino company has decided to give Tawkon a second chance, and indeed to collaborate with them to improve their tool.

For those who are wondering, the Electrosmog Measuring App does not use any external sensor to calculate the radiation rate, but uses particular algorithms and technologies already integrated in the iPhone, such as the accelerometer and GPS. In essence, the further away from a repeater the more powerful the signal sent by the iPhone will be, thus emitting more radiation: the application also takes into account the weather conditions, the terrain and the angle and distance of the device from your face. When the on-screen indicator has reached a high level, the instrument will advise the user to move the iPhone away from the ear and use earphones or speak hands-free.

It is not yet clear when Electrosmog Measuring App will see light, but the most paranoid users will be happy to know that there is not much left now.

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