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Gamevil doubles earnings thanks to iPhone and App Store

Gamevil doubles earnings thanks to iPhone and App Store –

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The Korean developer Gamevil, specializing in the creation of games for mobile devices, has just announced that it has grossed about 1.79 million euros during the first quarter of 2010. A result so great, according to the company, would be to be found in the success achieved by its titles for iPhone and iPod Touch, which allowed to obtain a + 99% in earnings compared to the previous year.

In particular, the Baseball Superstars and Zenonia series have achieved considerable public acclaim, demonstrating that the development on Apple's portable devices can yield enormous results: Zenonia 2, a follow-up to the action-RPG published long ago by the company, was the best-selling game on the App Store in the launch week.

"We are proud to announce another extremely profitable quarter," said Yong Kuk Lee, CFO of the Korean company. "The potential for growth in an open market like that of the App Store has reached a huge moment, and we will continue to support the growing advancement of mobile devices and digital distribution platforms."

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