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Farewell to the iPod: Apple removes it from the site


After 13 years, iPod leaves room for Apple Music on the Apple website. IPod disappears from the Apple home page to make room for Apple Music

The iPod era ends: Apple removes the product from the official website

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<h4 style=Farewell to the iPod: Apple removes it from the site

We knew it would happen sooner or later, but probably none of us were really ready for this change. Apple has decided to slowly end the life of the iPod, so much so that, as of yesterday evening, the device has been removed from the home of the official Apple website to leave room for Apple Music.

For 13 years now the iPod was one of the protagonists of the Apple site and has always received special treatment in the home of the official site of the Cupertino company, especially considering that It was thanks to the iPod that the first iPhones and then the iPads arrived.

With time, for, the iPod has been less and less purchased by users, so much so that today there are very few buyers of this device. It is precisely the analysis of the iPod sales data, added together on the arrival of Apple Music, pushed the top of Apple to modify the official website to remove the iPod and insert Apple Music in its place in the main navigation menu of the portal.

Since yesterday evening, therefore, the iPod disappeared from the main menu of Apple's official website leaving room for new streaming service.As anticipated, this move suggests very clearly that Apple is less interested in promoting the currently available iPod models for leave room for more profitable products.

Obviously iPod shuffle, iPod nano and iPod touch will be on sale for a long time, but the company's plans put new services and new products in the foreground

However, I would like to point out that iPod does not disappear completely from the Apple website:we will still find it in the Music section at the bottom of the page, followed by the Beats accessories. Certainly for the state reserved a much less important place than the previous one.

We can now say that an era ended, that of him iPodlasting 13 years.

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