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EagleEyes now remotely controls all AVTECH DVRs with iPhone


For those who own an AVTECH DVR of not very recent production from 4-8-16 workstations, good news comes: the EagleEyes-plus software, on sale on the iTunes Store for 3.99 Euros, now able to manage the vision of the cameras connected to any model of digital video recorder with its own brand.

Even if not all the functions obtainable with recent models are available, it is possible to access the live-streaming view of the individual cameras also with the MJPEG format or to the matrices from 4-9-16 both vertically and horizontally or listen to the audio from 4 different channels.

For those who own a more recent DVR, push notifications are active (for some outgoing models) and remote control of zoom, pan, tilt etc of panoramic and motorized cameras (PTZ Control Normal / Pelco-D / Pelco-P), the support of the TCP-IP protocol, the re-login function after a disconnection, the support of the video formats MPEG4, H.264 for DVR / IPCAM.

The software can manage up to 10 DVR addresses to be controlled. Through gestures it is possible to use a single touch to change the camera by selecting it in the current matrix, to control the PTZ hotpoint, a double touch to maximize or minimize zoom and pinch to control the PTZ zoom effect.

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<p>On the DVRs on the market today it is not possible to check the recordings made previously as is done on a Mac or PC or with the dedicated application. </p>
<p>We have thoroughly tested the App both with the demonstration examples using the latest AVTECH hardware and with a 16-channel DVR on the market for 3 years and we have found that both the stability of the application and the speed of response to commands have increased .</p>
<p>The management of the cameras with tracking and zoom through the gestures absolutely natural and allows you to get, with the most powerful cameras at exceptional levels of detail.</p>
<p>Remember that AVTECH DVRs are distributed in our country by AVTECH Italia (sponsor) and are also compatible with Mac OS X systems with access to the various functions via the web and Firefox. </p>
<p>EagleEyes also available in a more limited light version that supports only one account. The cost of the full version of 3.99 euros</p>
<p>Below is the control screen of the remote controlled cameras.</p>
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