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Driving License & Stamp 2.0: now reports deadlines for revision and stamp duty

Patente & Bollo 2.0: now reports deadlines for revision and stamp duty –

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The Patente & Bollo app now available on the App Store in the new version 2.0 with a series of improvements and additional features. The main one is the automatic reporting of deadlines: at the bottom of the app's main command bar, a red number is superimposed on the Scandeze icon when a vehicle overhaul is required or a stamp duty is paid. At these two deadlines reported automatically by the app, the user can then manually enter other important deadlines, for example to keep an eye on the insurance, the blue sticker and so on.

Now the app shows the nearest revision centers showing them both in a complete list and on the map. Before reaching them, you can call directly. Other new features integrated in version 2.0 include faster information retrieval from the Motorist Portal and improvements to the graphical interface. We remind you that Patente & Bollo allows you to view all the data relating to your license, including the balance of the points and the history, in addition to the data of your vehicles after registering on the Motorist Portal.

Driving license & stamp proposed at ? 1.59 on the App Store.

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