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DockFun to version 3.5

DockFun version 3.5 is available.

The utility, written by John McDonnell, has been completely rewritten in Cococa and made compatible exclusively with Jaguar. The update has made DockFun faster, more flexible and full of features.

In addition to this structural change, DockFun interface changes have been made. It also highlights the name of the dock with that of the application, added new preferences and checks for updates on the Internet.

Remember that DockFun is an interesting utility that allows the creation of an infinite number of docks that can be selected by the user. In this way you can have docks for Internet applications, graphics, writing etc. etc. The docks are not only customizable but they can also be positioned and created differently so as to optimize their functionality coinciding with the applications they contain. For example, a dock for Internet applications can be positioned on the right, to free up more space for browsing, and one for graphics minimized as a floating palette in order to have most of the screen free.

DockFun was designed graphically by the Italian Donelleschi, specialized in graphics, and localized in Italian by Gianni Donelli.

The application also among the most appreciated by readers in our survey on shareware for Mac OS X.