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Dangerous relationships

Dangerous relationships –

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Embarrassment, perplexity and even an internal investigation. This is the result of an unexpected and thorny hiring by Microsoft that recruited Detlef Eckert from his employees, until a few days ago as head of the department that outlines the Internet and IT strategies of the group of 15.

Eckert's assumption, which is actually a detachment since he will return to his post in three years, runs the risk of complicating the antitrust investigation launched by the EU and which places some of Microsoft's market methodologies at the center. According to some opinions, in fact, Eckert's choice could trigger an unacceptable conflict of interest.

EU spokesman Jonathan Faull tries to reassure Microsoft's media and competitors by arguing that Eckert has never worked on the Microsoft case and that he will not be assigned to tasks related to the antitrust affair at Microsoft.

Faull, pressured by reporters trying to figure out what Ecker really knows about the Microsoft case, said the matter was under scrutiny by the EU.

Eckert will work for three years at Microsoft in cyber security projects.

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