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City maps also offline with City Maps 2Go

There are a myriad of applications on the App Store that allow you to check maps of countries and cities, looking for specific roads or places. However, not everyone can always connect to the network to check the Google Maps on duty, and having a map at hand could be essential in certain situations.

City Maps 2Go, the latest application of Ulmon Solution, comes to the aid of all those users who, for one reason or another, need to consult geographical maps in offline mode. The tool allows you to download a disproportionate number of maps relating to the main cities of the world for free, a useful function for those who travel a lot abroad. The maps are saved in the memory of your iPhone or iPod Touch, and can be consulted at any time. City Maps 2Go obviously allows you to easily search for streets or places of interest, to add bookmarks or, on the iPhone 3GS, to check the direction in which you are going thanks to the compass.

There are limits: maps can only be downloaded via WiFi, while the application becomes useless if you want to use it in lesser known cities or small towns. However, the database includes maps of nearly 1000 cities around the world, and constantly updated. City Maps 2G available on the App Store at a cost of ? 1.59.