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Armada: the iPhone alternative to Starcraft 2

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iPhones, Touches and even iPads should put their souls in peace: Blizzard's highly anticipated Starcraft 2 will never be developed for Apple's mobile platforms. However, the independent studio Pixel Stream has decided to please the players by publishing on the App Store an excellent sci-fi multiplayer RTS: Armada – Galactic War.

Currently there is no offline mode, although nothing excludes that it will be implemented in one of the next updates of the application: however, to avoid abandoning the player in the infinite ocean of online battles, the developers have decided to insert a full-bodied tutorial that introduces foundation to be able to face a battle without being pulverized instantly. Admittedly, the lack of a full-bodied campaign is felt, which would have been useful both to give a context to the space battles and to "train" the player in using all the characteristics and units of each race . In fact, unlike many other RTS, there will be no structures to build, since from the flagship it will only be possible to produce mechs, tanks and fighter jets. Battles are based on the classic paper-stone-scissors: mechs are more powerful than fighters, fighters perform best against tanks, and tanks tear mechs apart with a few hits. The fact that air units can only be attacked by tanks, however, is an additional strategic factor to consider. The goal, as expected, will be to destroy the opposing flagship. The task of the mechs will be to go far and wide for the scenario in search of crystals, the main resource for building other units. The development team has also implemented a system of upgrades called A.R.M.S., which allows you to improve the skills of your army by spending the credits earned through the victories obtained. These bonuses will obviously only be temporarily usable within battles, and will not be permanent.

A bit like with the racial tripartition of Starcraft 2, in Armada the player can choose whether to lead the army of humans, cyborgs or aliens, each obviously characterized by their own units and abilities. The currently available version offers five different scenarios in which to fight, while in online challenges can face up to four players at the same time. Surprisingly, the management of online battles on iPhone and Touch works great: you can use the Zing Network to find other people around the world to play with, and if none available, players can challenge bots managed by Artificial Intelligence. There is no shortage of online leaderboards that take into account the games won and lost, but if you want to challenge a friend you can always create a private room.

Unfortunately, a demo version is not available: in this article we will insert the official screens and below also the YouTube movie.

ConclusionsDespite being light years away from the majesty and tactical depth of the most famous Starcraft, Armada – Galactic War offers an excellent strategic multiplayer experience. The battles have been skimmed and simplified, but the class and unit system works beautifully. Graphically above average, the Pixel Stream game lacks the almost unjustified absence of a campaign mode and good offline support. Now all that remains is to hope for continuous and substantial updates.

ProExcellent system of online challengesRaces are well balanced

VersusNo offline mode The A.R.M.S. it could disadvantage someone

Graphics 8 Story – Audio 6 Playability 7total 7

Price and availability Armada – Galactic War weighs 24MB and is already available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad: on the occasion of the launch, moreover, the game on offer at 79 cents.