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Alwaleed: Apple builds on competition

The Arab prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin AbdulAziz Alsaud (Alwaleed for "friends"), very rich in family descent (the eleventh richest man on Earth) known to most as an investor in many leading companies in world finance, Planet Hollywood, Citigroup, AOL Time Warner, Amazon, Disneyland Paris, Priceline, Netscape, Motorola, as well as the Italian Mediaset. Among the many money spent on the purchase of shares, Alwaleed had also chosen to buy Apple shares for 20 billion dollars. A huge capital enough to make the Saudi prince the representative of 5% of Cupertino.

Understandable, therefore, how every word that comes out of Alwaleed's mouth and that concerns Apple is carefully listened to by the media.

In reality, what remains one of the reference shareholders of Cupertino did not talk often and willingly about the Mac and the thing, at least judging from what happened in recent days, should not cause much regret at the top spheres of the Apple.

Speaking to "The Times", in fact, Alwaleed has brought out one of the most stale and less digestible "legends" by those who closely follow the world of Apple: the need for Apple to merge with some competitors.

According to the prince, in fact, Apple would have a market niche too small for "think you can survive alone ". Hence the hope for the merger with another company in the sector.

Fortunately, "The Times" did not investigate further, asking what this other company could be. We shudder at the mere thought of what the answer might have been.