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AirPods Pro, audio problems? Apple explains how you could solve them

Some users of AirPods Pro some have found over time audio problems that really affect one of the product's strong points, as we explained in our review: let's talk, specifically, about episodes of malfunction related to noise cancellation ambient and crackling sound. And finally Apple has recognized the existence of problem.

The anomalies seem to have occurred since the firmware update (2C54) dating back to last December. Apple then drew up one guide to help users a solve the problem in a few simple steps, before seeking assistance if the suggestions are not effective.

First, from Cupertino they remember always keep the firmware updated of their AirPods Pro, with the latest version that has been released very recently, and which may be able to resolve the issue. Obviously it will be useful to make sure that also the software of the devices associated with the headphones is updated, and that they are reasonably close to them, and without elements that could cause interference or disturbance of the signal. One way to determine the nature of the problem is try listening to the audio with different applications, to understand if the nature of the problem is not attributable to a particular software.

According to the guide provided by Apple (reachable from the link in SOURCE), if the new firmware for the headphones, and the update for the relative applications on your devices is not sufficient, then before resigning yourself to contacting customer support, you can make a final test.

The presence of residual dirt in the area of metal screenin fact, it could lead to a reduction in bass and an increase in the perception of environmental noise: therefore, from time to time, it will be better to clean up the area indicated. If none of these steps prove to be useful for solving the problem, then you will only have to contact Apple support.