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A potential order of 75,000 iPhones?

A potential order of 75,000 iPhones? –

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The British bank Standard Chartered offers employees the opportunity to replace the BlackBerry with the iPhone. If the Apple product is able to meet the needs of the employees, it could also be an excellent deal for the Cupertino house: the bank, in fact, boasts 75,000 employees. Other banks have been offering this option for some time now: Oversea-Chinese Banking, for example, has been offering the option of choosing between BlackBerry and iPhone for a year now. Financial institutions seem to be very interested in the iPhone and its potential but some of them have not yet dared to make the leap as they are linked – for security reasons – to the RIM terminals, a sector in which the Canadian company's devices are now widely tested and tested. . The biggest problem in this type of business is sending and receiving encrypted data. A stimulus in this sense could come thanks to new specific features that will be integrated into the new iPhone OS 4.0 (the next version of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad operating system that will be available during the summer). Among the news that will concern the enterprise market, the best management of data security, support for Exchange 2010 and for SSL VPN applications of Jupiter Networks and CISCO.

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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