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Notifications from all apps on Xiaomi Mi Band: here's how to do it iOS …


How to receive notifications from all applications on Xiaomi Mi Band with iOS, iPhone. Guide to receive notifications from all iOS applications, iPhone with Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi Mi Band: how to receive notifications from all applications on iOS, iPhone

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<p style=There is a program that brings notifications of all the apps on the Xiaomi Mi Band for iOS, iPhone: here's how

Mi Band: thanks to a modified app all notifications arrive on the wrist | Xiaomi Mi Band: notifications finally arrive from any app | Mi Band: notifications arrive from all apps

You bought the accessoryXiaomi Mi Band to be connected to your smartphone? Congratulations, you have made an excellent purchase.Xiaomi Mi Band a truly exceptional product: it costs little, works well and offers the same functions as similar but much more expensive devices.

For those unfamiliar with Mi Band, however, we remember that it is a Chinese wearable at low price (15/19 $ officially) but of excellent quality that allows you to monitor your steps and sleep but also has alarm and notification functions.

IPhone notifications arrive on the Mi Band with a tweak | Cydia

With today's guide, then, you can make even more use of the Xiaomi Mi Band accessory together with your iOS smartphone, iPhone. In particular, thanks to this guide, we will see together how to receive notifications of all applications directly on the Xiaomi Mi Band.

In fact, as we know itXiaomi Mi Band connects to the iOS smartphone, iPhoneand allows you to receive notifications (in the form of vibration) regarding calls and SMS, but not all applications can send notifications to Xiaomi Mi Band. Thanks to the program that I report to you today, however, you will have the opportunity to send notifications to Xiaomi Mi Band from any application for iOS, iPhone.

In this way yourXiaomi Mi Band I can vibrate and send you a notification every time you receive one, for example notification from Facebook, WhatsApp or any other program of your interest. This is a very convenient feature, which has not been introduced by developers and manufacturers at the momentXiaomi Mi Band. Fortunately, however, there are independent developers who have remedied this shortcoming.

So let's see how to send notifications of all applications to Xiaomi Mi Band on Android.


Important: the guide only works on iPhone with Jailbreak. Without Jailbreak you will not be able to follow the guide as the app must be downloaded from Cydia.

A few hours available one new app on Call MiBand Utility which allows you to activate and customize notifications from third-party apps for the Xiaomi Mi Band.

The handy program, easy to use and works great. And it allows you to customize all notifications received by the Xiaomi Mi Band.As anticipated, the program was not published by Xiaomi, but by some independent developers. Once the program is opened, in the Enable Notification for Applications section you can choose which applications can send notifications.

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<p style=As you can see after downloading the program, it isvery interesting unappwhich finally allows you to customize the notifications that your iOS smartphone, iPhone sends to the Xiaomi Mi Band accessory. In my opinion, this app is really well made: powerful, complete, convenient to use, easy to customize and above all it is a software that solves an annoying lack of this excellent accessory.

Clearly, being loXiaomi Mi Band without screen and display, you will not be able to read the notification, but based on the color of the LEDs and the type of vibration associated you can understand if you have received an email, an SMS, a call or a message on WhatsApp.

The developer via twitter has announced that with the future version 0.2 there will be the customization of the LED colors for receiving notifications.

What are you waiting for? to download the program from Cydia for iPhone?


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