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iPad, the price in Italy is (almost) right

In Italy the iPad has a record of costs. This is the mantra that is spreading like a fire in the parched prairie, where the fire is the flames that flare up on various Internet sites and the Internet prairie itself.

The unpleasant surprise, but that it should not be as we will see, which gives our country the primacy (or almost) in the Pad price list arrived this afternoon, to the publication of the device prices when it was possible to make the comparison with other countries. In Italy iPad costs from 499 to 799 euros, more than in the USA or Canada, but also more than in Spain, Germany and Switzerland.

Once discovered the primacy that dictates price differences a few tens of euros, as mentioned the first "flames" have already started on the Internet with users who accuse Apple of having taken advantage of the particular Italian situation to impose excessive costs. In fact, having done some account and taking note of some element that must always be kept in mind, there is nothing surprising, probably nothing to accuse Apple of.

The first reason why in Italy iPad costs more in the Bondi decree that has placed the well-known "tax" for private copying on some devices, including iPads; for a 64 GB iPad this means around 12 euros (including VAT) and for a 32 GB iPad around 8 euros.

Established that iPad, at the start, costs on average to a resident in the peninsula a dozen euros more than elsewhere, it must be said that the comparison can not ignore the VAT and this in Italy with its 20% one of the most unfavorable in Europe

The difference between Italy and Spain is explained precisely with VAT, for example. In the Iberian Peninsula, the value added tax of 16%; this alone would be enough to account for the difference in price with Italy. Indeed, excluding VAT and copyright tax in Spain, the iPad costs on average more than in Italy. The same goes for Switzerland, where VAT is even 7.5% (and where Apple products historically cost for this reason, much less than in Italy). For France there is not enough to say, because in the transalpine country iPad costs exactly like in Italy; so for the United Kingdom since the citizens of Her Majesty pay, on average, iPads like the Italian ones (for some models a few euros more, for some models a few euros less), despite a VAT of 17.5%

If we want to move the target to the US, a term of comparison historically taken as a reference by the sector's polemicists, it must be said that the prices in the US are always without local taxes that vary according to the state and the city. In practice, an iPad 16 GB $ 499 plus 20% of a hypothetical VAT would reach $ 600 or 470 euros; a 64 GB model with 3G would cost $ 995, or 782 euros, not too far from the Italian prices which, we remember, also incorporate the digital copy tax.

After this excursus the doubt that holds can arise only on the difference in price with Germany. In the Federal Republic iPad costs 20 euros less than in Italy, a difference only partially explained by the absence of the "Bondi tax" and any similar tax and by the percentage point of difference in the VAT regime.

In short, who accuses Apple of having placed the heel on the neck of the poor Italians is right? Probably not: the French pay iPad as much as the Italians, the British pay it in some cases even more. Who pays less or does not have a value added tax equal to that in force in Italy or does not have a copyright tax, or does not have both.

right to complain and get angry about what's going on? It depends: if you are used to complaining about other taxation on consumer goods similar to iPad, probably yes. If not, probably not.

Is iPad expensive? It depends on the capacity of your pockets and the relationship between the money in them and the desire you have to get your hands on the Apple device.

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