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Apple prepares FinalCut 4.0?

Apple prepares FinalCut 4.0? –

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Apple is preparing a new version of Final Cut.

The professional video editing software, reaching version 4.0, would add some innovations that have long been claimed by the most demanding operators in the sector.

Among other novelties, the support of editing frames at 24 frames per second which would be combined with the release of a new Panasonic camera capable of supporting this framerate. A sort of partnership would be established between Panasonic and Apple to support this very advanced standard for video shooting.

Final Cut 4.0 would also support input via FireWire 2.0 and DV50, a standard higher than the current DV25.

Thinksecret, which reports these indiscretions, goes as far as to suppose that Final Cut 4.0 could be released at DV Expo East which is held from 9 to 12 December even if it is more likely that its presentation could take place much farther, given that the software does not it would still not even reach the beta phase.

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