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Things Mobile's IOT and M2M SIM is tailored for home automation, alarms, automotive

Things Mobile is a mobile and global operator that operates exclusively within the Internet of Things. The operator in question offers interesting solutions for those who need to exploit connections in the field of home automation, alarms, automotive, telemetry, smart-city.

Peculiarity of the product that works anywhere in the world. Things Mobile boasts coverage in more than 165 countries supporting all networks currently available: 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, CAT-1, CAT-M1 and soon NB-IoT. The only SIM operating in any place and available in mini (2FF), micro (3FF), nano (4FF), SIM-On-Chip (MFF2 embedded) formats.

The plans are easily understandable, without initial, fixed and management costs: in practice you only pay for what you consume. In any case, the operator allows you to customize the plans according to the needs of your business (on the dedicated website you will find specific indications).

On the operator's website explained that Things Mobile connects to a network of over 350 roaming operators offering coverage all over the world, so that their IoT or M2M devices arrive where they are needed, ensuring the "highest international standards of confidentiality and security for sensitive data".

All control and management features are available through API. The SIM Things Mobile can be localized through an accurate GSM triangulation system. The operator offers the possibility to check the traffic of the EU SIM from a web platform; from here you can set the limits of use and customized alarms when certain thresholds are reached or set a maximum operating time of the SIM. Each activity of your own IoT or M2M device configurable, customizable and monitorable.

you can manage the consumption of your devices on a global scale in real time, consult the CDR with details of the costs on the web platform or download them in manageable formats with various applications. VPNs are supported for connections to corporate networks, and three types of IP addresses: standard fixed IP, personalized private fixed IP (with APN and a customer-defined IP address) and public fixed IP (to connect to a router and IoT devices connected from any computer connected to the Internet). Sending and receiving SMS can be managed from the IoT portal.

At the time of writing on Amazon it is possible to purchase the prepaid SIM Card Things for IOT and M2M for 12 euros with global coverage and 10 credit included without fixed costs. The SIM only supports data traffic (no voice calls), offers multi-operator connectivity, a SIM management portal, and enabled for sending / receiving SMS. There are no annual fees.