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PC market: in 2002 it starts growing again

The PC market could do better than expected at the end of 2002. IDC claims that it has compiled new statistics in the latter according to which the 12 months underway on a global scale could end with an increase in sales between 3 and 4, 7%.

Initially IDC had established that 2002 would not mark an increase of more than 1.8%, really nothing compared to what had been achieved in 2001, a very negative year for IT, the first in history in during which a decrease in sales was recorded at the end of the year.

To drive sales and give a pinch of optimism to the world of IT during this equally difficult 2002 would be the consumer and small business markets while big business and industry would still be at the window.

If the data is respected, the global IT market will be able to exceed the record sales volumes of 2000, even if only for a very short time, 139.7 million pieces against 139.2 and with very different rhythms from region to region. For example, Europe will still have difficulties, as will Japan. In the US, however, things will be a little better than the average.

A qualitative leap in growth is expected to occur only in 2003. IDC thinks that next year, precisely with the resumption of purchases by large industry.